Smart Water Solutions: online toxicity biomonitoring

Our multispecies toximeter is based on more than 30 scientific publications and can be used as biological alert system in water, soil and sediment. Our biomonitor has been applied in waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, rivers and groundwater, as well as in research institutes, based on individual configuration.

Advantages of online biomonitoring

Quadropole impedance conversion technology

Modular, flexible construction

Sensor chambers are adapted to the ecological demands of the test species

Non-optical recording principle

Strong scientific validation

Since 1994 expertise and experience in application of our online biomonitor

Excellent service and support

Low maintenance effort


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Research & Development

Research & Development

We use our toximeter to perform toxicological tests, ecotoxicity assays, bioassessments and online biomonitoring according to the OECD guidelines. Moreover, we are continuously involved in research in aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology, biotechnology, biology and environmental sciences.

Expertise and consulting

Expertise and consulting

Our experts advise you independently, develop expert and inspection reports, as well as analyses and evaluations. Our online biomonitor is being used to monitor rivers and water treatment plants according to the most recent scientific knowledge. We are pleased to serve you.



Here you may find our publications, as well as press releases and MFB-reports.

LimCo International:

Innovative monitoring systems for water quality control

Water is one of the most controlled resource in the world. However, toxic substances end up in the water and cause severe deterioration of water quality. As company or authority in the water sector water quality is crucial for your business success and achievement of your goals. Therefore, continuous control of water quality is most important for you.

Based on scientific research LimCo International has been developing innovative toximeters since 1994 and offers you highly sensitive online biomonitors to permanently survey your water quality in real time. In wastewater treatment plants, authorities, agencies, companies, industries, fish farms, aquacultures, hydro dams, drinking water industry, our real-time impedance based online biomonitors record water quality in both freshwater and seawater, as well as in soil and sediments.

Sustainable and environmentally conscious handling with water

LimCo International GmbH works for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly and resource-conscious handling with water. Therefore, we advise companies, industries, scientists, authorities, agencies and citizens. We analyze drinking water, waste water, rivers and lakes. We continuously perform research in water-related hot topics in the field of aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology, biotechnology, biology and environmental sciences.

In order to leave efficient waste water treatment technologies and intact aquatic ecosystems to our next generations and to minimize adverse effects of climate change on water quantity and quality, LimCo International GmbH supports the goals of the UN-Decade “water for sustainable development” (2018-2028). Moreover, we plead for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the World Water Development Report “Nature-based solutions for water” (2018) and the guidelines of the European legislation for water (e.g. WFD).

The Team

Expertise and experience


Dr. Almut Gerhardt, CEO
freshwater ecology, ecotoxicology, online biomonitoring

private University lecturer

LinkedIn | Researchgate

Anita Bild

Prof. Dr. Anita Dedic, expert
aquatic ecology, algae, diatoms

… and other freelance collaborators

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