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Scientific consulting regarding water quality issues

As experts in ecotoxicology we are your counterpart for all issues around water, water quality and innovative water management. Whether you are from a company, industry, public institution, agency, authority, action group or an educational institution, LimCo International supports you individually and performs tests of your water samples and water body assessment.

With our new in-situ GamTox field test we bridge between science and practice and easily demonstrate water quality assessment, in situ biomonitoring and the value of clean water for everybody, including pupils and students, directly outside in nature.

We offer on demand scientific summaries of actual knowledge in the field of aquatic ecology (lakes, rivers), microbiology and ecotoxicology for education (in German).

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Our services

In the field of expertise and consulting in overview


Ecosystem evaluation of running waters (structure, diatoms, macrozoobenthos)
Sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism
Revitalisation, renaturation, restoration and ecological planning for freshwater ecosystems
Adaptation of streams to climate change
Assessment and evaluation of invasive and endangered species in running waters
Consultancies for licences and permits of effluents


Ecotoxicological tests according to OECD and ISO guidelines (water soil, sediments):

Lemna sp. Gammarus sp., Eisenia fetida exposed to pharmaceuticals, pesticides and industrial chemicals.
In-situ toxicity tests (GamTox) for evaluation of chemical stressors in streams
Development of new automatized test systems
Consulting for insurances and juridical conflict cases
Information and advice regarding toxic substances in the water-cycle


Online Biomonitoring of small streams, wastewater and drinking water
Detection and evaluation of leakages from historic pollution, e.g. waste disposals
Biomonitoring of animal welfare and animal health in aquacultures and fish farms
Control of water quality in groundwater

GamTox Test

In-situ field test for toxicity evaluation in small streams

In the framework of our InterReg IV project (2011-2013) we developed and validated our GamTox field test in Germany and Switzerland. GamTox detects pollution pulses in agricultural areas, vineyards, below waste water treatment plants and industries. GamTox allows an ecologically relevant ecotoxicological in-situ bioassessment in small streams. As it is easy to perform, it is excellently suited in school teaching, universities, authorities and NGOs.

GamTox has already been used successfully in the following settings:

Water quality bioassessment in agricultural areas (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Lake Constance-region, NRW, Bavaria)
Water quality survey in metal- and coal mining areas (e.g. Portugal, Germany)
Scientific research projects
LimCo International Biomonitoring
LimCo International Biomonitoring
LimCo International Biomonitoring
LimCo International Biomonitoring

We advise you actively in water body protection and climate change measures:

examples of projects:

Stream restauration and revitalization
Biological evaluation and assessment of streams
Development of streams, Stream excursions and expertises
Development of ideas and innovations for climate change adaptations in cities
Literature studies in actual environmental topics
Watersensible urban development
Revitalisation at Saubach, Stadt Kreuzlingen
Revitalisation at Saubach, Stadt Kreuzlingen

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