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Innovative Online-Biomonitoring

With our toximeter we perform ecoxicological tests, ecotoxicity assays, bioassessments and online biomonitoring according to the OECD-guidelines and the European legislation in the water sector. Since 1994 our toximeters have been thoroughly studied and generated numerous scientific peer-reviewed publications.

All versions of our toximeters are based on our in 1994 developed non-optical measuring principle “quadrupole impedance conversion” and operate in freshwater, seawater, sediments and soil without pretreatment of the sample (e.g. by filtration). This principle was chosen as best solution by our clients for their applications in water quality control.

Our products

are suitable in the following fields

control of purification success and quality assurance (e.g. water supply companies, wastewater treatment plants)

permanent real time monitoring of point polluters

invisible, hidden leakages and spills


control/monitoring of drinking water pipes

control/monitoring of water quality in rivers and lakes


Combined Sewage overflows (CSO)

Wastewater treatment plants

Our products

In overview

LimCo International Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor


Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor

In order to permanently assess in the real time the biological effects of mixtures of toxic substances we developed the MFB as a unique toximeter for you to detect as early warning system unknown non-target chemicals so that measures for environmental protection can be triggered effectively and prevent environmental deterioration and damage. As modular system our toximeter consists of 8-96 sensor channels, highly sensitive software and offers you test chambers for many different indicator species as well as operation for 12V and 230V.

River stone and tree colorful, View water river tree in forest


LimCo Biosensor System

Equipped with 8 sensor channels, an extra power-saving electronics and an alarm software based on 3 different alarm algorithms our LimCo Biosensor System (LBS) represents your reliable early warning system and toximeter for continuous water quality monitoring in real time.
In combination with an autosampler, water samples can directly be taken in real time upon a water quality alarm due to e.g. stormwater events.


LimCo International Mikroimpendanz-Sensorsystem


Microimpedance Sensor System

Based on our recent research and development know how with our toximeters the innovative Microimpedance Sensor System (MSS) is working with a particularly high sensitive electronics and microfluidic micro-chambers. This combination allows for using meiofauna from surface and groundwater in both flow-through and recirculating settings. Moreover, the MSS offers you the opportunity to use small indicator species or smaller instars of large species with higher pollution sensitivity, leading to valuable insight in low detection limits for toxic stressors in your water sample.

Our Groundwater biomonitor for water quality control

LimCo International Biomonitoring

Your advantages

Modular, flexible construction

8-96 sensor channels for individual animals

High replication
Monitoring of up to 25 indicator species possible
Low space requirements, mobile and easy operation
Long stand-alone times (e.g. up to 4 weeks in a WWTP)
Available as modular, user-adapted or as compact MFB or MSS
Different alarm algorithms for safer and reliable alarms

Sensor chambers

Which are adapted to the ecological demands of the indicator species (design, feeding, size)

All moving animals can be used as indicator species
Easy feeding and low maintenance efforts (<1h/week)
All aquatic species (1mm – 20 cm) can be used, more than 25 species tested
No ethical concerns using invertebrates species and proper handling. We are pleased to advise you personally

Non-optic measuring principle

Operation in turbid, un-filtered, particle-rich raw water as well as in humid soil and sediments possible. Therefore, we do not need artificial illumination, which causes stress and disrupts the natural behaviour of our indicator organisms.

Sound scientific support

> 30 scientific publications

More than 25 years of experience and expertise

In aquatic ecotoxicology and online biomonitoring

Innovative know-how and own unique technology
Excellent service and support with qualified staff up to 1 year

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